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Changing shoes and clothing capital chain experts crack the black spell

[International Footwear Network News] In early June this year, news of the collapse of well-known local enterprises in Wenzhou exploded one after another, and rumors of "a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises in Wenzhou closed down" spread like wildfire. Following the "wave of bankruptcy" in the Pearl River Delta in 2008, three years later, the Yangtze River Delta was shocked by the "wave of bankruptcy" saying that "one stone stirred up a thousand waves". When the news came out, the local government department immediately hit back at the rumors. Yesterday, "People's Daily" also joined the counterattack camp, writing an article to retort that the prosperity index of Zhejiang's private economy is still running at a high level, 64% of enterprises want to invest in emerging industries, and small and medium-sized enterprises have not "closed down".