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For example, a lithium-ion power battery automatic folding, packaging and folding machine that adopts a multi-station rotating cycle method. The lithium-ion power battery is folded and packaged through three stations. At the same time, each station adopts a folding knife body with different angles. It has the characteristics of low cost, stable performance, high degree of automation, and convenient adjustment.




Product Description

Intelligent CNC edge removal machine is a necessary machine equipment for shoe factory and leather factory. Suitable for natural leather, PVC, PU leather, cloth and other materials need to fold. Using this series of equipment,
Can save a lot of manpower for enterprises, improve quality, improve efficiency. The automatic electronic induction system of the machine can maintain stability when folding straight edges, inner bending edges and outer bending edges.
The width of the hem and effectively prevent the folded product from deforming. This series of products have reached the international advanced level, and the mechanical properties have reached the EU CE standard.

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